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When the lights go down in the city.....

The band Journey is a group that was formed in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. The lyrics to Lights rings true in every sense from watching the sun set on the bay and the charm of San Francisco this is a great city to visit for anyone. If you are foodie San Fran is one of the best, with a wide variety of 'eats' and old school eateries I enjoy walking to each neighborhood to find ono grinds you wouldn't come upon if you were in a car.

If you ever have a chance stop off at Golden Gate Bakery on Grant in Chinatown. This is where you can get the freshest, right out of the oven dan tats - these pastries are like mini custard pies which are amazing with each bite. A line forms from early on when they first open, be patient it will be worth the wait. Russ tip: call ahead to make sure they are open, they take vaca days that won't be posted till that day

In the heart of North Beach off of Columbus, Soto Mare on Green Street is a favorite of mine for Sand Dabs - lightly sauteed and delicious, this accompanied with some oysters and a Bleu Cheese Wedge salad makes for a great lunch or dinner.

Tony's Neapolitan Pizza serves great pizza but I like to take my friends there for a beer and some meatballs, not heavy and so good, it will not weigh you down if you are traveling with a group and want to try different foods. Go in and eat a couple of apps and walk to the next destination you will be glad you did. a Russ tip: Try to go on their 'off' hours, there is usually a line and a wait but as I've said before, worth it.

Next up, Swan Depot and Alice Water's Chez Panisse ....

Remember to enjoy the company you are breaking bread with, it will fill your soul both ways


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