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All prices are subject to change without advanced notice


 - beef -

Let's have a 'ball' - 3 ways

marinara - soy sake - kim chee

mini hamburger steak


- chicken -

char siu chicken spring rolls

chicken yakitori

chicken & veggie skewers w/

garlic butter brush


- fish -

catfish fingers

furikake salmon skewers w/

yuzu butter sauce

soy sake glazed salmon skewers

ahi, tomato, olive empanada

furikake mahi strips w/

soy ginger aioli

mahi katsu

mac nut crusted mahi w/

green onion aioli


- other -

frizzled shrimp

shrimp & tomato 'lollipop' skewers

krab & cream cheese won tons

OSP bao . . . and more!

catering-frizzled shrimp.jpg
breakfast catering menu

10 Guest Minimum
48 hour notice

includes plates sets
Served in aluminum pans

(Black platters available for an additional cost)


- Honolulu -

fresh fruit

chef choice of assorted pastries


- Kaka'ako -

scrambled eggs

choice of bacon OR portuguese sausage

kk fried rice

fresh fruit

- kahala -

kk breads or assorted pastries
scrambled eggs

choice of bacon OR portuguese sausage

kk fried rice

fresh fruit


- AM Wraps -
Minimum or of 10 - 48 hour advance notice.









scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, & mayo wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla


scrambled eggs, sauteed onions, bell peppers, mushroom, cheddar cheese, lettuce, & mayo in a whole wheat tortilla


Russell Siu's Kona Blend Kona Coffee

Shangri La assorted hot teas

Orange Juice

*10% breakfast catering fee will be added

to all breakfast orders



- beef

braised bone in short ribs

burgundy beef w/ natural gravy

homestyle meatloaf

beef stew

KK's pot roast

kalbi ribs

beef teriyaki


- chicken -

mochiko chicken

char siu chicken

teriyaki chicken

sweet chili chicken

garlic chicken

5-spice shoyu chicken

chicken parmesan

shichimi seared chicken w/ soy citrus sauce

mac nut crusted chicken

CFC - chicken fried chicken

chicken katsu


- pork -

okinawan shoyu pork

roast pork

kalua pork and cabbage

pork chops


- fish -


furikake tempura catfish w/ ponzu sauce

cornmeal crusted catfish w/ remoulaude sauce

mahi 5 ways

furi crusted - mac-nut crusted - dore

sauteed - mahi katsu

. . . and more




sides & salads
happy endings

- dessert bars


double chocolate

red velvet



cheesecake 3 ways

blueberry - strawberry - plain


peanut butter



pumpkin crunch

coconut butter mochi

pumpkin butter mochi

classic bread pudding w/vanilla anglaise



bacon bread pudding w/maple butter glaze

banana poi bread

pumpkin bread

cookies 3 ways

choco mac nut - pb - double chocolate


marcy tip:

if you have left over double chocolate bars,

chop up and 'sprinkle' on vanilla ice cream... soo good!


 Starch -

taro roll with butter

KK yakisoba

KK fried rice

KK chinese style fried rice

cold red potato salad with veggie confetti

roasted red potatoes

KK potato mac salad

its a mash up! 

homestyle - garlic - creamy

steamed white and brown rice

pasta w/ veggie confetti

assorted sushi



- Salads -

mesclun of greens, lemon vinaigrette

field of greens, lemon vinaigrette

(craisins, madarin orange, feta, walnuts)

char siu chicken salad, hoisin vinaigrette

fresh spinach salad, balsamic vinaigrette

(egg crumbles, bacon, onion slivers, tomatoes)

fresh spinach & calamari salad, sweet chili vinaigrette

kobb salad, basil bleu cheese dressing

seared ahi chopped salad, soy sesame dressing

greek salad, lemon vinaigrette

asian slaw


















Party Pans

catfish fingers w/ ponzu sauce

char siu chicken spring rolls

krab & cream cheese won tons

bruschetta w/ oven baked baguettes

furikake crusted mahi strips

mac nut crusted mahi strips

mahi katsu strips

chicken & veggie skewers

ahi, tomato & olive empanada

spicy pulled pork empanada

chicken yakitori skewers

meatballs - marinara - soy sake - kimchee 

warm mushroom ragout w/ baguettes

mac nut garlic pesto w/ baguettes

parmesan crusted mini grilled cheese

char siu chicken bao

OSP bao

frizzled shrimp 

shrimp & tomato lollipop with garlic butter

teri beef skewers

salmon skewers w/yuzu butter

salmon & scallion skewers w/soy sake sauce


call our catering team for more options....





Custom Wrap Carrier Lunch


party packs & set menus

all set menus (except the wrap platter) includes choice of:

Steamed White or Brown Rice

Greens w/ Lemon Vinaigrette OR Potato Mac Salad

Lemon Bar & Brownie Dessert Bento

(12) plate sets and servicing utensils


10-12 pax



5-Spice Shoyu Chicken (16pcs)

Sauteed Mahimahi w/ Lomi Tomato

& Ginger Butter Sauce (12pcs)

Wrap It Up

10 - 12 pax



KK's Favorite Wraps cut into 1/3's and served on a black platter

(2) Hibachi Chicken
(2) Korean Beef
(2) Furikake Mahi Wraps
(2) Portobello Mushroom

Greens w/ Lemon Vinaigrette

Choice of Potato Mac Salad
or Curly Fries

Lemon Bar & Brownie Bento


10-12 pax



KK's Sweet Chili Chicken (4.5#)

Sauteed Mahimahi w/ Lomi Tomato & Ginger Butter Sauce (12pcs)




10-12 pax



KK's Garlic Chicken

Kalbi cut pupu style

Deep Fried Pork Chops w/

Mushroom Gravy

Furikake Tempura Catfish w/ Ponzu Sauce

Paina Special

10-12 pax



Sweet Chili or Garlic Chicken (3#)

Sauteed Mahimahi w/ Lomi Tomato

& Ginger Butter Sauce (12pcs)
Deep Fried Pork Chops~pupu style with a Mushroom Gravy (6pcs)

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