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KK salads, what greens are made of...

all kk's housemade dressings are served on the side


seared ahi chop salad - MP

fresh mixed greens, seared diced ahi cubes, tomatoes, fresh shiitake mushrooms, olives, red onions, & won ton strips make up this KK classic salad - soy sesame dressing


spinach & calamari salad - 13.50

fresh spinach, red onions, diced tomatoes, olives, bacon bits, topped with fried calamari & carrot curls - sweet chili vinaigrette


KK kobb salad - 13.50

grilled diced chicken, mixed veggies, tomatoes, olives, bacon bits, hard boiled egg crumbles, avocado lay on a bed of fresh mixed greens sprinkled with crumbled bleu cheese - basil bleu cheese vinaigrette

KK's char siu chicken salad - 13.50

char siu marinated chicken on romaine lettuce with kamaboko, sliced cucumbers, soba noodles, topped with won ton strips & carrot curls - hoisin vinaigrette


Field of Greens - 12.50

mixed fresh greens accompanied with mandarin oranges, feta cheese, walnuts, & dried cranberries - lemon vinaigrette


it's a wrap!

+ curly fries, potato-mac or green salad


hibachi chicken wrap - 12.25

strips of grilled teriyaki chicken, carmelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa, yuzu aioli & whole wheat tortilla


furikake mahi wrap - 12.75

furikake crusted mahi, lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa, grated carrots, soy ginger aioli, & flour tortilla


blackened ahi wrap - 13.75

seared seasoned fresh ahi, lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa, avocado, wasabi aioli, & tomato tortilla

garlic mac nut pesto chicken wrap - 12.50

grilled chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mac nut pesto rolled in a spinach wrap


portobello mushroom wrap - 13.75

grilled marinated mushroom cap, lettuce, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, crispy onions, roasted red pepper aioli & tomato tortilla wrap


korean style beef wrap - 13.75

back by popular demand!

thinly sliced beef marinated in Russ' korean style sauce, kimchee, marinated vegetables, sriracha aioli in a spinach tortilla



a russell wrap tip: if you don't want the tortilla just request a 'lettuce wrap'


sandwiches, burgers, a dip and a bao...

     + curly fries, potato-mac or green salad


fresh ahi sandwich - MP

6 oz of fresh ahi steak, seasoned with shichimi and house made teri sauce on a taro bun with tobiko aioli, lettuce, tomato & fried onions


rueben - 15.00

thinly sliced pastrami, melted swiss, sauerkraut mixed with our 1K island sauce grilled on rye marble


tempura mahi sandwich - 12.25

a KK classic. a mahi filet is deep fried in tempura batter to create a light & crunchy crust comes with lettuce & tartar - coleslaw on side or to be enjoyed in your sandwich


a russell tip: try the coleslaw in your sandwich a little at a time, the tempura batter will stay crunchy this way


ABC sandwich - 15.75

Avocado, Bacon, & Crabmeat, alfalfa, & basil aioli served on a toasted ciabatta bread with lettuce & tomato


portobello mushroom sandwich - 13.75

same as the wrap but served on a brioche bun


Wagyu Burger - 14.50
wagyu beef burger with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and a
soy sake glaze

what the pho? dip - 14.50

thinly sliced wagyu beef brisket, melted swiss, sriracha aioli, sauteed onions fill a taro hoagie served with a pho dipping sauce. this dish is an ode to three classics, the french dip, philly cheesesteak, & pho


KK classics.... they rock!

+ white or brown rice and potato-mac or green salad


mix I - 2 choices - 12.50

beef stew - 5-spice shoyu chicken - furikake tempura catfish


mahi mix II - 1 choice + sauteeed mahi - 14.95

beef stew - 5-spice shoyu chicken - furikake tempura catfish


beef stew - 12.50

slow simmered beef, stewed with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions - soul filling and so good!

5-spice shoyu chicken - 12.50

KK's take on a local classic, chicken thighs slowly simmered in a savory 5-spice ginger garlic soy sauce


furikake tempura catfish - 12.95

a must try!

fillets of catfish dipped in KK's furikake tempura batter, deep fried till light & crunchy -served with kk's house made ponzu sauce


a russell tip: if you have a seasoned salt like macha or chef's lemon-nori salt, you can
sprinkle some on and enjoy a crunchy fish dish!


sweet chili chicken - 12.50

bite sized pieces of chicken fried golden brown and tossed in KK's sweet chili sauce


garlic chicken - 12.50

same as above but tossed in KK's sweet garlic sauce


best of both chicken - 12.50

both of KK's popular chickens on one plate - sweet chili & garlic gives our guests the best of both worlds!


hamburger steak - 12.50

8oz house made beef patty using local grass fed beef seasoned local style topped with caramelized onion mushroom gravy & garnished with crispy onion strings


loco or kalua moco - 12.95

choice of hamburger steak or kalua pork served over steamed rice topped with caramelized onion mushroom gravy and 2 eggs any style


sauteed mahi - 14.95

sauteed mahi topped with chef russ' ginger butter sauce & lomi  tomato, garnished with black sesame seeds & green onion


house specials

plates marked with an * come with brown or white rice -  potato-mac & greens salad


*fresh catch of the day - market price

KK's fresh catch with daily preparations


*KK's kalbi - 16.75

tender marinated shortribs in chef russ' special kalbi sauce, grilled and served with High Max kimchee


*boneless deep fried pork chops - 13.50

tenderized, breaded & deep fried chops served over portuguese sausage stuffing topped with KKs' carmelized onion gravy

island style chicken linguine - 14.95

chicken breast strips, japanese eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms are sauteed in KKs' special chili hoisin cream sauce, served with a slice of garlic bread












eggplant parmesan - 13.75

deep fried breaded eggplant layered with homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese, on top a bed of garlic butter linguine and served with a slice of garlic bread


kids picks - 9.00

(sorry, no substitutions)


5-spice shoyu chicken, rice, greens


marinara sauce over linguine


grilled cheese with curly fries


furikake tempura catfish, rice, greens


russ' daily picks


monday -meatloaf - 12.25

homestyle mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy, choice of potato-mac or green salad


tuesday - fresh roasted oven turkey - 12.25

oven roasted fresh turkey, sage stuffing, home styled mashed potatoes, natural gravy, choice of potato-mac or green salad


wednesday - chicken fried chicken - 12.25

crispy boneless chicken, country gravy & mashed potatoes, choice of potato-mac or green salad


thursday - pot roast - 12.25

fork tender pot roast, caramelized onion gravy, topped with julliened vegetables, mashed potatoes & bacon onion green beans


friday - chicken katsu curry - 12.25

macadamia nut crusted chicken atop a bed of rice topped with japanese style curry  


saturday - bubu arare crusted salmon - 15.95

bubu arare crusts a salmon filet topped with a delicate yuzu butter and drizzled with kabayaki sauce


treats....made from scratch








lemon bar

double chocolate brownie

       classic bread pudding with vanilla anglaise

coconut butter mochi


  banana poi bread

pumpkin bread


marcy tip: if you have any leftover brownies, chop it up and sprinkle on vanilla ice cream .... so good!


special orders bars

red velvet - pumpkin crunch - lilikoi - guava -  blondies - 'mounds' - sweet potato



N7 brew by Russell Siu

2 oz - 1.75

8 oz - 5.50


a russell tip: enjoy an N7 with a bread pudding or pumpkin crunch, perfect pairing and so good!

Dessert Platters


















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kobb salad

spinach calamari salad

furikaki mahi wrap

fresh ahi sandwich

abc sandwich

ruben sandwich

beef stew

furikake tempura catfish


sauteed mahi

kalua moco

deep fried pork chops

KK kalbi ribs

chicken linguine

All prices are subject to change without advanced notice

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